Home Security and the Role of the Alarm System

When many people think about a home security, it is the home alarm system that first comes to mind. While securing the exterior of the home with strong locks for the doors and windows should be the first line of defense, many homeowners need a solid alarm system working for them as well.

Alarm systems are a strong deterrent to thieves, and even those homeowners who have simply installed fake alarm signs on their lawn often experience fewer break-ins than those who do not. Most burglars are looking for a target of opportunity. If they know, or even suspect, that you have installed an alarm systems, all but the most determined burglar will simply move on to an easier target down the street.

In addition, a good alarm system can substantially increase the chances that a burglar will get caught if a home break-in does occur. The more efficient the police force in the community, the greater the chances that the noise generated by the alarm will allow police to catch the thief in the act.

In addition, an alarm system provides the homeowner with warning that there is an intruder in the home. While many thieves prefer to break in to only homes they feel are unoccupied, not all burglars will be deterred by the presence of the homeowner. Hearing the alarm go off will give the homeowner a chance to react and call the authorities.

There are of course many different kinds of alarm systems, in all shapes and sizes. An alarm system can be as simple as a sign placed in the front yard announcing to would be burglars that the home is protected. Even if no such alarm service exists, the mere sign is often enough to deter thieves who may be prowling the neighborhood.

The most successful alarm systems on the market are those that rely on a combination of different detection measures. The most common home alarm uses an electric circuit to activate an alarm if a door or window is opened. Other home alarms are activated by motion, sound or pressure, and nearly all alarm systems allow the homeowner to activate it with a single button, known in the industry as the panic button.

The cost of alarm systems varies of course, according to how sophisticated the alarm system is and what type of monitoring the homeowner chooses to buy. Many homeowners opt for a combination of the basic alarm system and a monthly home monitoring service, and this can be the most effective type of alarm system for many homeowners.

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