Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

There are many ways to save with your homeowners insurance. You can print this list to use while shopping online or with a local agent.

1. Car/Home Discount: Insuring your car and home with the same company often will give you a package discount. This is a good tool to use when shopping around. Usually the agent can tell you what percent the discount is for insuring your car and home together.

2. Deductible: Raising your deductible can lead to substantial savings. Furthermore, it is best to have a large deductible to prevent you from using your insurance for small claims since many insurance companies are now adding a surcharge to as little as one claim, and surcharges can range anywhere from 10-85% depending on how many claims you file during a given time period.

3. Home Security Systems: Special burglar alarms can prevent losses and therefore make your house less of an insurance risk. Most any type of security system will help give you a discount, but the type that directly responds to local police and fire departments are most likely going to give you the most discount.

4. Dead Bolt Locks: Most agents will ask you this, but check again to make sure you are not loosing a discount if you already have them. If you don’t, it is well worth it. Dead bolt locks are very inexpensive compared to the possible insurance savings, but make sure all of your doors have them because usually the discount only applies if there are dead bolt locks on every door.